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How to Prepare Your Oklahoma Pipes for Winter

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As freezing temperatures move into Oklahoma for the winter, winterizing plumbing pipes should be one of the must-dos on your home preparation list. There are different ways to prepare your pipes for winter to help avoid malfunctioning or bursts pipes. Follow our steps to winterize your plumbing. Turn off outdoor faucets Open your outdoor faucets […]

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Why Do I Need to Get Routine Pipe Inspections

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You know you need to take proper steps to keep your car running smoothly. You should change the oil, rotate the tires, and if an unusual noise suddenly emerges, you get it checked out. Proper maintenance of your vehicle helps it run better for longer. The same is true for your plumbing. A number of […]

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Where Is The Sewer Line On My Property Located?

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When first inspecting your pipelines and where they are on your property, it can feel like a giant guessing game. If your house is old enough, sometimes the layouts given to you marking exactly where your pipes run can be misleading. Why Sewer Pipes Can Move Or Shift Through the years new pipes may have […]

What is Vent Stack Lining and How Does it Help Apartment Residents in Anderson, Oklahoma?

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The vent stack in a residential building is an imperative part of the drainage system, and when it breaks down, the results can be disastrous. Without the vent stack maintaining the atmospheric pressure in the pipes, residents can experience leaking sewage and rainwater in their apartments and outside of the building, resulting in stagnant pooling […]

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