Clogged Drain Pipes Can Become Smelly, Get Yours Cleaned Today!

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As soon as you notice bad odors coming from your drains it is a signal that something is wrong. Because of how a plumbing system operates in your home or business, if there is no blockage anywhere within the workings of the pipes there will be no hint of smelly sewer gases. As soon as odors become obvious, they indicate that a clog exists somewhere in the plumbing system.

There are three main locations where a clog could have developed. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:


The p-trap is the horseshoe-shaped pipe that is located directly under a sink. Every drain has one, even the toilet has one built into the bottom of the bowl. The purpose of the p-trap is to form a ‘plug’ with water that stops sewer gases from coming back up the pipe and out the drain.

If you smell odors from a sink drain it is possibly because the p-trap is dry or has a clog created from organic material. The organic material will ‘rot’ in place giving off the odor. If the p-trap is dry, it means there is no water creating the ‘plug’ to hold back gasses. The easy fix is to run some water into the sink drain to restore this. If there is a clog there are several methods that can dislodge it ranging from using a plunger to any kind of drain cleaning product available at a hardware store.


Venting pipes are another way to keep sewer gasses from entering your home or business. What they do is take back-flowing gasses and feed them through a pipe that runs alongside an interior or exterior wall to the roof. On the roof the gasses are released into the air.

A clog can develop in several ways ranging from debris build up (leaves), bird nests and snow. If your source of drain odors is coming from the venting pipes you should not try to fix this problem yourself. When you need assistance with this job contact us at NuFlowOK and we can send one of our professional plumbers to examine, diagnose, and repair the problem.

Sewer Line

Underground sewer lines, especially older ones, tend to break, crack or develop leaks. When they clog from a breakage or tree root you can’t see what is happening until drains start to smell. If sinks in your home or business also have a gurgling sound there could be an issue with the sewer line.

Sometimes it comes from the municipal service and sometimes it comes from the lateral line that runs from the municipal main line to your building. If this is the source of your drain odors, you should contact us at NuFlowOK right away. With the use of trenchless technology we will be able to fix the problem with minimal digging.

Got Smelly Pipes? Get Them Clean Today

Because clogged drain pipes can become smelly, you should get yours cleaned today. For more information on clog repairs and drain cleaning, contact us at NuFlowOK. Give us a call at 405-562-1111 to schedule an appointment and site visit so we can see what is exactly happening inside your plumbing system.


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