Cost of Trenchless Sewer Repair

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Cost of  Trenchless Sewer Repair

All municipalities, cities, and households will face plumbing issues at some point. But before you reach for the phone and contact your plumber for a dig-and-fix solution, did you know that there’s a better way to have your pipes rehabilitated? At NuFlow Oklahoma, we use trenchless technology to repair and replace your ailing pipes without ever having to dig a single trench or break into walls and flooring.

Average Cost Of Traditional Sewer Repair in Oklahoma

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In most Oklahoma cities the cost of having to repair your sewer or water lines will cost somewhere around $100 to $150 per foot; sometimes, the cost can reach up to $250 per foot depending on the location of the broken pipe, its depth and if there are any existing structures that will have to be removed.

In a trench-based process, the labor and the plowing associated with traditional repair methods will play a huge part on how much the final bill comes to. An average sewer line replacement job on a pipe that runs from the house to the nearest sewer line will be somewhere around $3,000 to $6,000. Basic repairs that leave a hole in the ground have the potential to be more expensive- you’ll probably need to spend $5,000 to $18,000 more if the situation calls for a major excavation process in your yard. Homeowners will usually have no choice but to shoulder the expenses associated with digging up the area in front of your property, which could bring into play the need to re-route traffic. For repairs in busy areas, the costs can quickly balloon up to $20,000 or more. Last but not the least, you’ll need to think about remediation costs once the repair is completed.

You’ll be faced with one bill after another if you opt for traditional methods of pipe repair and replacement. Not to mention the massive amount of time and disruption from all that digging and re-landscaping. Trenchless technology is much better in terms of costs, efficiency and future-proofing your pipelines.

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NuFlow Oklahoma Trenchless Solutions Are Faster, Cleaner & More Affordable

Trenchless technology costs are more straightforward. The only factors considered in your pipeline repair are the features of the repair itself – such as material used, pipeline condition, and pipeline location.

Trenchless technology rises above traditional sewer and water repairs due to the following benefits:

Lower Labor Costs. It’s normal for traditional sewer line repairs to take days or even weeks for the more complicated tasks. With trenchless, everything can done within the span of one day. You can turn on the main line and get back to daily life faster when you use this method.

Less Downtime Costs. CIPP (or cure-in-place pipe) repairs in commercial applications allow businesses to get back to operating as soon as possible with little to no loss in profits. Offices can continue their work, production facilities can resume, and high rise tenants can go back to their condos without needing to find a temporary shelter all within a day. Trenchless repairs and replacements can be done in just a few hours, with the new pipe ready for use at home or business establishments.

Zero Restoration Costs. There’s virtually no damage done to your hardscaping and landscaping. This means your driveway, basement, walls, and floors will be left intact. What’s more, you can keep the money that will have been spent on traffic rerouting, permits and restorative work after the repair is done.

No Cleanup Costs. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up the inside of your property with dug flooring and destroyed walls in hospitals, factories, apartments, and other building complexes.

Less Environmental Impact. Traditional methods of repair will leave behind debris and impact its immediate surroundings, i.e., bird nesting areas and animal sanctuaries. In the end, you’ll need to deal with landfill debris and increased soil erosion.

Most homeowners, business owners and government bodies come to find that trenchless technology is really the more cost-effective choice when all is said and done. With trenchless repairs, you get to save your yard, your driveway, and your precious hardscape and resume your life more quickly.

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Factors Affecting Trenchless Repair Costs In Oklahoma

Sewer rehabilitation costs will depend on the nature of work needed to fix the sewer lines. There will be several factors that need to be accounted for in computing for just how much you’ll need to pay to have your sewer lines fixed in Oklahoma:

The Diameter Of Your Current Pipe. The bigger the diameter of the pipe that needs to be fixed, the higher the cost of material in the end.

Length Of The Pipeline. Per foot of lining material will be added to the bill if technicians find that a section of your sewer pipes need to be repaired. As a word of advice, it’s better to get the per foot charge rather than having to pay technicians by the hour. This way, you’ll have an estimate of how much the total bill will be and you won’t be caught off-guard with unexpected costs. In trenchless technology, the price per foot is estimated to be around $70 to $125 per foot.

Depth Of Your Pipes. All kinds of trenchless procedures will need to have one or two access points. Access points can be created by digging or utilizing any available openings such as vent pipes, manholes, or clean outs. Our technicians will determine if there’s a need to create an access hole, which then takes into account the pipe’s depth. The costs to get to the sewer line will depend on how deep it is. If it’s about 2 feet deep, then a dig-and-replace solution will be recommended as it’s more practical and cheaper than trenchless.

Distance To Connector. The distance from connector line to your home will dictate costs needed to install a new main line. The further the distance, the more piping material is needed which will invariably raise labor and material costs.

Physical Location. If the break happens somewhere in the city streets or a public right of way, then there’s the need to follow regulations, which lead to a higher bill. Properties that have other utility lines located underground will require the help of a professional technician to have the repair carried out in a safe manner.

Material. Different problems arise with different pipeline materials. For example, cast iron is fairly strong but it’s weak against rusting and eventual corrosion. Plenty of energy and extra work will be needed to have it rehabilitated or replaced. Terracotta and clay pipes are highly resistant against rot and rust, but the downside is that they can break, crack or chip more easily than others. Orangeburg is also a common pipeline material that will have to be replaced if a break happens.

The Present Condition Of Your Pipes. There are a variety of trenchless technologies we can use to resolve different sewer line concerns. Your pipe’s condition will dictate the appropriate method. Other elements such as if there’s a scale buildup or if the pipes need to be cleaned can also add to the total.

A quick sewer camera inspection will reveal the extent of damage done to your pipes. Homeowner insurance generally excludes sewer line replacements because the pipes get worn out over time. The repair method will depend on extenuating circumstances. Sometimes, a good cleaning will flush out the blockage and restore your sewer system’s flow, but when the pipes are greatly damaged then we’d recommend trenchless replacement services.

Oklahoma City Pipe Restoration Services Using State-Of-The-Art Nu Flow Technologies

At NuFlow Oklahoma we invest in the latest plumbing innovations to bring utmost convenience and efficiency to our Oklahoma customers.

Video Camera Inspection For Collecting Accurate Information

The right trenchless solution will depend on what our technicians see when they conduct a video inspection. At Nu Flow Oklahoma, we use advanced scanning equipment to get a 100% accurate diagnosis without any guesswork. Once we take into account the severity, nature and location of the problem, we come up with a repair solution that will fix the line in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Pipe Lining Solutions For Oklahoma Home And Business Owners

NuFlow Oklahoma offers a wide range of pipe rehabilitation services for business establishments and residential complexes. As a preliminary step, we insert a camera down the sewer line in order to save you time and unnecessary expenses when it comes to finding the problem.

Cured In Place Pipe Lining, or CIPP Lining

CIPP is the preferred method of repair as it offers a lower bill than traditional pipe replacement. A tube is coated with special epoxy resin and inserted into the problem pipe using an advanced machine. A new pipe is formed inside the old pipe in just a few hours, restoring the functionality and integrity of your line.

Sectional Pipe Repair

This no-dig solution is best for rehabilitating an entire section of your sewer line. For example, a section of your line may be made up of broken clay pipes which are connected to cast iron pipes that are connected to the city main. Sectional repairs are an excellent choice if you wish to stop roots from getting into your pipes no matter the existing material and if you’d like to repair sections of your piping that have cracks and holes.

Epoxy Coating Solutions For Oklahoma Home And Business Owners

Epoxy coating is a trenchless procedure that’s best for rehabilitating pipes that have minor corrosion and small leaks. The process is similar to CIPP, with the exception of liquifying the epoxy and inserting it into the broken pipe via pressured air instead of a liner. If you have small copper pipes or need to repair your HVAC pipes, then our technicians will recommend this method. Epoxy coating may also be used for repairing potable water lines as the resin in non-toxic.

At Nu Flow Oklahoma, our mission is to provide exceptional services to our customers in all parts of Oklahoma city. Trenchless solutions gives us the ability to restore, improve, or maintain optimal flow and function for homes and business establishments. Trenchless technology gives homeowners and business owners a stronger, more durable pipe material that’s seamless and doesn’t have joints. The new pipe stops leaks and backups; moreover, it’s highly resistant to calcification, debris build-up, corrosion, and intrusion of roots from nearby trees. The smooth material encourages improved flow and better efficiency.

Pipeline Restoration Costs By Oklahoma City

Knowing just how much a particular project can cost is truly important, and for this reason we’ve provided a list of estimated costs by area.

National averages aren’t set in stone, but they should give you an idea of how much you’ll be paying at the end of the day. Factors that can affect the final repair bill includes local permit, material costs and hourly rates. Please note these numbers are provided solely as reference points, and your project’s cost may vary significantly based on its unique features.

  • Bethany – Between $714 to $5,363.
  • Edmond – Around $60.17 per foot, which doesn’t include conventional digging and restoration services.
  • Enid – Between $657 to $4,933.
  • Mustang – Between $786 to $5,899.
  • Norman – Between $718 to $5,387.
  • Oklahoma City – Between $734 to $5,507. Trenchless is somewhere between $70 to $125 per foot.
  • Stillwater – Between $662 to $4,974.
  • Tulsa – Between $712 to $5,345.

The exact costs of sewer line problems cannot be determined until a thorough examination has taken place. What our technicians can assure you is that trenchless is a better choice as it saves you more time and money than conventional repairs and replacement processes.

Call NuFlow OK For No-Dig Technology That Saves Your Property And Your Budget

If you’re considering trenchless technology to bring your sewer or water line to a better-than-new state, then it’s in your best interest to get in touch with a professional company with years of expertise and knowledge regarding the no-dig procedures such as Nu Flow Oklahoma.

At NuFlow, our technicians specialize in trenchless solutions all throughout the Oklahoma area. We are fully licensed, insured and properly bonded for your peace of mind. We can repair and replace all kinds of water, drain, and sewer lines. Our workmanship, efficiency, and integrity are second to none. What’s more, our prices are reasonable and there are no hidden costs. Call us and get a free quote and service check up today.

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