The Do’s and Dont’s of Sewer Camera Inspection

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Years ago, a blockage in your sewer pipes was a big question mark. Where exactly was the clog, and how large? Nowadays, it’s a simple matter of using modern sewer video cameras to locate the problem. Call a reputable sewer camera inspection professional to get to the heart of the matter quickly and accurately. Your sewer pipes can always be replaced, if not repaired, but only after the whole system has been inspected – inside and out – with the help of a sewer camera.

DO NOT try to guess where the clog is.

DO hire a professional sewer inspection technician to see what’s going on inside your pipes.

Perhaps you’ve had a major blockage before, and it’s usually in the same spot. You feel confident that you know your sewer system well enough for an educated guess. Wrong! Have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law of Sewers? Whenever a system blockage can move, it will move, and to the worst possible location. A sewer camera video inspection is the best way to keep residential and commercial sewer systems running smoothly.

Here’s how it works: A high-resolution color video camera is pushed through your drainage lines (or the sewer line) on a flexible rod, which gives you a very detailed and close-up view of the line. It’s not unlike a skilled doctor inserting a micro-camera into your arteries to see their condition, without cutting you open – but it’s a lot cheaper. Sewer camera technology has been around for almost two decades, so the process is now perfected. Instead of taking a stab in the dark, these modern marvels allow you to witness first-hand the inner workings of your drain, sewer and pipes. A sewer camera is also an invaluable tool for taking a close look at your boiler tubes and process piping.

DO NOT keep calling your plumber.

DO recognize that you have an ongoing sewer blockage problem.
All seems fine after the plumber comes out and clears up your sewer line, but it’s just the beginning of more expensive problems down the road. A stopped-up sewer pipe is usually the first battle in a long war that will wear you out.

The problem stems from the fact that a sewer line is a 3- or 4-inch pipe that directs the water and waste downward, into the the septic tank or city main sewer line, but stuff gets in the way. Your toilet outlet is the largest opening that drains into your system, and it’s only 2.5 inches in diameter. So what is stopping the waste from continuing through a 4-inch sewer line and making its way to the sewer main?

For one thing, roots, which are the main cause of sewer blockages. Have you ever seen a tree’s roots buckle a sidewalk? Roots are strong, and cutting them out is only a temporary solution, because they will grow back with a vengeance, fueled by the waste matter and water. The Number 2 cause of sewer blockages is grease. When a grease blockage builds up in your sewer line, it’s generally the result of a bend in the line where a clog stops the downward flow. Naturally, a grease clog is unblocked in a different way from a root obstruction, so determining the nature of the blockage with a sewer camera inspection is imperative.

DO NOT Attempt to clear your sewer lines by yourself.

DO call sewer repair and inspection company at the first sign of trouble.

You should look for a reputable sewer repair company with at least 10 years in the business, and which has extensive experience with sewer camera inspections. With the latest technology, experts can pinpoint your blockage and then use various means to clear it, including spot repairs, jetting, and replacing damaged lines. You can ask the pros about installing a sewer pipe liner to really spruce up your system.

There are many high-tech solutions to one of man’s oldest problem, clogged pipes, but it all starts with a professional sewer camera inspection.

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