How to Prepare Your Oklahoma Pipes for Winter

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As freezing temperatures move into Oklahoma for the winter, winterizing plumbing pipes should be one of the must-dos on your home preparation list. There are different ways to prepare your pipes for winter to help avoid malfunctioning or bursts pipes. Follow our steps to winterize your plumbing.

Turn off outdoor faucets

Open your outdoor faucets to allow the bleeder cap to drain any excess water. If you skip this step, the pipe may still freeze and crack. Turn the faucet off at the shutoff valve.

Perform HVAC unit maintenance

While it may not be the first thought when it comes to your plumbing, having your HVAC unit inspected before the freezing temperatures hit will help avoid problems at the most inopportune times. Ensure your heating system is prepared to work properly through the winter with routine maintenance to ensure your home doesn’t get so cold to allow the pipes to freeze.

Inspect the exterior

Take a walk around the exterior of your home, paying close attention to the foundation or windows that lead to the basement. If you see any cracks, use foam or caulking to fill the space and prevent cold air from entering your home and affecting the pipes.

Pipe insulation

Pipes need to be insulated in the correct way for the protective material to make a difference. Use heat cable as the first layer of insulation along the pipes before applying the pipe insulation. Pipes that line your attic, garage, or crawl space are especially vulnerable to winter temperatures.

Open cabinet doors

If the temperature drops significantly, opening the cabinet doors of your bathroom or kitchen can help warm air better reach the piping. The under-sink pipes are shielded from the warm air inside the cabinets, so opening the doors allows warm air to circulate near the pipes.

Run water

A slow drip offers pressure relief and prevents pipes from freezing. Just a trickle should do the trick. The very minor increase in your water bill is much better than the cost of emergency plumbing repair.

Preparing your Oklahoma pipes for winter should be a part of your entire home winterization checklist. These steps do not require much time, and most can be done without spending a dime. These tips will help you keep your water flowing and pipes intact through the coldest months of the year.

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