How Tree Root Invasion Damages Your Pipes

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Tree root invasion into sewer pipes can be a major headache. The roots are attracted to moisture and even the smallest leak in the pipes can get their attention. Once the roots have entered the pipes, things just get progressively worse as they grow. Nu Flow of Oklahoma can help with this problem. Let’s look at the damage that a tree root invasion can cause as well as when to use our drain cleaning services Oklahoma City, OK.

How Tree Roots Damage Your Pipes

Tree roots are constantly looking for water. Once they have latched on to sewer pipes, they will look for any small crack or hole to get into. The roots start tiny but can grow quickly with all of the water and nutrients they are receiving. When this happens, home and business owners can find themselves with a clogged drain Oklahoma City, OK as the roots block water flow and cause larger cracks. It is important to address the issue as soon as possible so it does not get worse.

When tree roots enter the pipes, the soil around them can begin to shift. This can lead to the pipe cracking even more. Worst case scenario, it can even break the pipe completely. A drain cleaning company Oklahoma City, OK can help prevent the situation from deteriorating to this point if contacted as soon as the problem is noticed.

Older homes are more in danger of tree roots damaging their pipes. This is because modern pipes are typically made from PVC or another type of plastic and are sealed more tightly than older clay pipes. Still, any home can encounter this problem and require a good drain cleaning in Oklahoma City, OK.

Nu Flow of Oklahoma is here to help. Reach out to our team, reach out to our team to benefit from any of our services, including drain snaking Oklahoma City, OK.

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