Drain Cleaning In Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Drain Cleaning In Tulsa, Oklahoma

drain cleaning 300x86 Drain Cleaning In Tulsa, OklahomaHow often do you think about all of the things that either build up or get caught in the drains at your residential, commercial, or industrial property?

The sink drains, shower drains, and tub drains are most definitely not strangers to grease, food debris, hair, and soap/shampoo residue. Not to mention the variety of other sediments that cause a build up in the drain pipes and sewer pipes over time. That being stated, you absolutely can avoid having the excessive residue and sediment buildup from causing severe system problems.

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All it takes is a preventative maintenance plan and a little bit of planning with a company like Nu Flow Technologies that specializes in providing drain cleaning services in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. It goes without saying that a regular drain cleaning goes a long way in helping to keep the drain and sewer systems in good working order. In fact it is far more important than most property owners realize. When the drain pipes are blocked it will cause wastewater to back up into the system. If the sewer pipes are clogged the situation is even worse.

Both raw sewage and wastewater will back into the system. When the drain pipes and sewer pipes are blocked or clogged the solids and fluids travel up the pipes instead of down. Take a guess as to where the wastewater and raw sewage ends up? If you said it will eventually flood into your property than give yourself a star. As we know known a professional drain cleaning is incredibly important, but how frequently should you have the service done at your property? Some people say once per week, while others suggest that you have your drains cleaned on a monthly basis.

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Others suggest quarterly or even annually. Weekly drain cleaning is excessive and a waste of money. It takes longer than that for the pipes to experience a dangerous build up of residue and sediment. On the other hand, annual drain cleanings can be too little too late. A great deal of things goes down the drains in a year, and at that point you are taking an unnecessary risk. Plumbing experts suggest that a monthly drain cleaning is in order to guarantee that the drainpipes and sewer system remains free of clogs, sediment buildup and residue buildup.

If that will not work with your budget and or schedule than we highly suggest hiring us on a quarterly basis. Property owners that fail to use a professional drain cleaning service will eventually experience emergency situations. The last thing you need is to encounter a nasty clog when you least expect it. A plunger and or chemical unclogging agent can only go so far. Neither will provide a permanent fix. In fact the chemical drain cleaners can actually cause irreversible damage to the plumbing system, which leads to extensive and expensive repairs.

In some cases the entire network of drainpipes and sewer pipe need to be replaced. It simply is not worth the possibility that it will cost you tens of thousands of dollars to have repaired. Please call, or contact Nu Flow Technologies today in order to schedule drain cleaning service at your property on a regular basis.

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