Indoor Pipe Repair Mustang, OK

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Mustang, OK Indoor Pipe Repair

Indoor pipe repairs typically involved the destruction of walls and flooring as contractors tried to get deep underground where most of your pipes are located. They had to do this in order to see where the fault is and the best solution for fixing it.

But not anymore. Trenchless indoor pipe repair in Mustang is now dig-free, thanks to newer, environmentally healthy plumbing technology. At NuFlow Oklahoma, we offer customized trenchless pipe solutions without having to dig up trenches or tear through drywall. You save an enormous amount of time and money because the repair only takes a few hours compared to days, or even weeks of disruptive digging associated with traditional pipe repair.

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What Are Indoor Pipe Repair Solutions For Oklahoma Home and Business Owners?

Our trained technicians carry out a pipe inspection to pinpoint the location and the nature of the problem. Indoor pipe issues are usually seen when there’s standing water in spots around the house and leaks under sinks or directly from visible pipes. However, leaks that form in pipes beneath concrete slabs or anywhere else within your home’s structure won’t present itself until it turns into a full-blown emergency, or when you start seeing mold on the wall or water spots on the ground. Our thorough camera inspection can get to any point in your pipes to see what’s happening and find out the exact cause, such as a leak that has formed on pipe joints or corroded sections.

For leaks and small cracks, we offer epoxy coating, where a special liquid epoxy is sprayed onto the problem pipe via compressed air. The end result is a rehabilitated pipe that’s completely sealed off from the inside. For pipes that have acquired a more severe damage, we use the cured in place pipe lining method. This process involves creating a stronger pipe within the old one.

CIPP is an excellent solution to prevent erosion and root intrusion. It can bridge missing pipe sections and fix large sections of leaky pipes and breaks within the system. The seamless, jointless feature of the new pipe wards off roots from nearby trees and the most common pipe issues such as breaks and leaks.

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At NuFlow Oklahoma, we’re proud to serve our customers with cost-effective indoor pipe repair solutions using innovative trenchless technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you suspect an issue with your indoor pipes or are facing one, don’t hesitate to call our reliable team who’s dedicated to help homes and businesses in Mustang avoid disruptive emergencies.

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