nu flow edmond oklahoma plumbing 1024x242 Indoor Pipe Repair in Oklahoma CityFor past companies to fix indoor pipes, the process involved digging the pipes out of the floors or breaking down the walls to access them. This made the repair process less than desirable, as the excavation process could add several weeks to the repair time. At Nu Flow Oklahoma, we have invested in new and contemporary indoor pipe repairs that utilize advanced, trenchless technology to maximize their effectiveness.

Whether your drains are clogged or damaged by a crack or leak, the first thing our technicians will do is conduct a sewer camera inspection. This inspection allows our professionals to see a live video feed of your pipes. A closed-circuit television is connected to crawlers and lowered into the system before it is guided throughout the pipes, exposing the exact problem. Our team is equipped with a variety of camera types suitable for any scenario, making us always ready for every situation we encounter. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that are long-lasting, and our sewer camera inspections allow us to be a reliable source of support for our customers. Once the problem has been found and indoor pipe repairs have been determined to be the suitable solution for the situation, we will clean the pipes through a process called hydro jetting. This process involves a high-powered stream of water that blasts away any clogs or debris that may cause a clog in the future. This system effectively gets rid of the clogs that may be causing problems and prevents future flow oklahoma sewer repair 1 Indoor Pipe Repair in Oklahoma City

Once the pipe is prepped and cleaned, it will be ready for trenchless pipe lining if that is what is deemed the best solution. First, an inflatable bladder will be saturated in a special epoxy resin and then inserted into the pipe. The bladder will then be inflated to fit the pipe perfectly. Once cured, the bladder will be deflated and removed, and your newer and stronger pipe will be ready to use. This new pipe will not become cracked or have leaks. Due to its smooth texture and lack of seams and joints, your new pipe will not get clogged and buildup will be much less frequent than on other pipes. Your new pipe will be better and more efficient than any you have ever had before and it has an expected lifespan of at least 50 years or more. nu flow oklahoma pipe lining 1 Indoor Pipe Repair in Oklahoma City

At Nu Flow Oklahoma, we are the leading pipe rehabilitation company for a reason. Even in the most confined of residential and commercial spaces, our trenchless pipe lining will leave your pipes more efficient than ever and will improve the life of your pipes by several decades. We believe you deserve the latest technology and that is what we always offer you. Since we conduct sewer camera inspections, we are able to guarantee our diagnosis and work is completely accurate. You are our primary focus, and so we will work with your schedule to bring you the most convenient and hassle-free fix. Call today to schedule your indoor pipe repair with the industry experts at Nu Flow Oklahoma.

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