Sewer Camera Inspection In Enid, Oklahoma

Sewer Camera Inspection In Enid, Oklahoma

all city plumbing Sewer Camera Inspection 300x147 Sewer Camera Inspection In Enid, OklahomaThe next time that your home, business, or investment property is experiencing a plumbing problem look no further Nu Flow Technologies. It simply does not matter how small or large the problem may be; our team of experienced, skilled, and dedicated technicians will take care of it using the best tools and equipment available.

The very first thing that we will accomplish upon arrival at your Enid, Oklahoma property is to fully access the situation. This is best accomplished through with a sewer camera inspection.

Through the use of this technology our technician will, be able to quickly yet accurately establish the source of the problem that is occurring within your sewer pipes. The process is fairly simple. The technician will insert a flexible, fiber optic cable into your sewer pipeline through an existing entry point. A small, waterproof, high-resolution camera is attached to the end of the cable. There is also a light and GPS system on the device that enables the operator to see where the camera is going and to digitally track its position, and the exact location of the damage within the pipe.

While the camera is journeying through the sewer system it is actually transmitting a live feed back to the technician. The video footage will also be saved in a digital format for the record and future reference. The technician will be on the lookout for the cause of the problem, and any damage that took place. Sewer pipes that are collapsed, cracked, broken, or damaged in any way result in a disruption of the sewer system. This may very well be caused by movement in the ground that is located around the pipeline.

The weight of the soil can also cause sections of the pipeline to collapse. Major issues due to wear and tear will certainly transpire as your sewer system ages. The pipe materials are bound to corrode and deteriorate over time. Once the pipes have been buried in the ground for thirty years the chances of trouble greatly increase. On the other hand plumbing pipes, especially the sewer line can become blocked and clogged in multiple ways. A great deal of bulky materials, waste, and debris go down the pipes on a daily basis. These items can certainly plug up the sewer line, which in turn restricts the proper flow of water.

The blockage could be caused by something as simple as an excessive amount of grease being poured down the kitchen sink. Often times the signs of a broken pipe and a clogged pipe are the same. A sewer camera inspection is an affordable, non-invasive way for us to determine if the pipes need to be repaired, or a simple drain cleaning procedure can be utilized instead. High-tech video cameras have absolutely become an incredibly valuable diagnostic tool for Nu Flow Technologies.

If you are having any issues with the sewer system at your residential, commercial, or industrial property than please contact us today to set up a sewer camera inspection.

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