Sewer Pipe Lining in Midwest City, OK

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Sewer Pipe Lining in Midwest City, OK

Sewer Pipe Relining 300x108 Sewer Pipe Lining in Midwest City, OK
If you are experiencing problems with your sewer system not draining properly or backing up in your home or business in Midwest City, call NuFlow Oklahoma today for assistance right away.

In order to properly identify the source of the problems in your sewer lines and determine whether they were caused by tree roots penetrating the pipelines or dense clogs formed by hardened grease, food particles, soap residue, or other waste debris, the first thing our professionals at NuFlow Oklahoma will do is an inspection video camera. This will allow our professionals to see inside the pipes and give you a 100% accurate diagnosis. There are many differences between a drain cleaning, trenchless pipe lining, or an entire system replacement, and we want to make sure that we will never charge you for something you do not need. This camera inspection allows our technicians to see inside the pipe and determine the issue with only one access point. The camera sends a live feed to the specialists above ground who will then be able to determine what exactly needs to be done.

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If your pipe is cracked or needs repairs, sewer pipe lining may be the best solution. At NuFlow Oklahoma, we are the leading pipe restoration company. Trenchless pipe lining allows us to fully repair your system without having to dig up your property or tear down any walls. This is not only better for the environment since it does not require replacing the entire system, but it is also better for you since it is the most cost-effective, time effective, and life effective system. It can typically be completed in just one day and does not require any digging so you will be able to quickly get back to your everyday functions with the full power of a working sewage system.

After this, we will conduct a drain cleaning called hydro jetting. This involves a highly pressurized stream of water that removes not only the current clogs but also blasts away any residue that could become a clog in the future. This is the best system to clean a pipe because it will not further damage your system. Common chemical cleaners and other systems break down the pipe and system and could result in cracks and the need for much more expensive and time-consuming fixes. Drain cleaning is essential to the life of your pipes.

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Because we work with only the newest technology in sewer pipe lining, we are able to eliminate joints that could snag on debris and cause future clogs and increase the rate everything flows through your system. Pipe lining involves creating a completely new pipe inside of your old one. This new pipe will increase the life of your system by 50 years and you will be amazed at how well your system works once again. First, a liner saturated with our special epoxy resin will be inserted into your pipe and inflated. This will ensure that it fits your pipe perfectly. After curing for a few hours, the liner will then be removed and your newer, stronger pipe will be complete. Once it is cured, it will be as strong if not stronger than a PVC pipe and will not clog as easily. Our technicians will then inspect the pipe to make sure that it is perfect and will last you for as long as possible.

At NuFlow Oklahoma, we value our customers and are committed to giving you the most stress-free experience possible. We will work with you and your schedule and are always upfront with the specifics of what you need. As the primary authority in sewer pipe lining, our work is superior to any other company and we will bring you the quality you deserve. Call today to save your pipes and avoid a disaster.

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