Sewer Pipe Relining Oklahoma City

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Sewer Pipe Relining Oklahoma City

Sewer Pipe Relining 300x108 Sewer Pipe Relining Oklahoma CityIn the past, sewer lines would be repaired by digging trenches throughout the property to access the pipe, taking weeks or months to dig out and completely replace the system. This process was very expensive, time-consuming, and had negative consequences on the environment since it involved deep excavation in order to dispose of a system of pipes and replace it with new ones. This is luckily no longer necessary with our sewer pipe relining services.

Every problem may be different and should be treated as such. The best way to guarantee your pipes are fixed correctly the very first time is a sewer camera inspection. With just a single access point, a camera is lowered into the pipe and transmits a live video feed to the specialists above ground. Once the footage is analyzed, a completely accurate diagnosis can be made regarding your pipes. Next, the pipes will need to be cleaned through a process called hydro jetting. Hydro jetting involves injecting a high-pressure stream of water that removes any debris or clogs into the pipeline and flushing the waste safely out of the system. This restores the original diameter of the pipeline while eliminating clogs, preparing the sewer pipe for our relining process.

nu flow oklahoma sewer repair 1 Sewer Pipe Relining Oklahoma CityOnce the pipe has been thoroughly cleaned, the sewer pipe relining process can begin. An inflatable bladder will be assembled and coated with epoxy resin. After this is done, the bladder is inserted into the pipe and inflated to perfectly fit alongside the pipe, including curves and joints as required. Our sewer pipe relining equipment is flexible, allowing us to fix small portions of the sewer pipe or the entire pipeline if needed. Once the resin has cured, the bladder will be deflated and removed to reveal your newer and stronger pipe, and the fact that this process can be completed in a single day makes it much more convenient and efficient for both our technicians and our customers across Oklahoma City. By creating a new pipe inside of the old one, this pipe will last for another 50 years and will not leak, crack, or corrode due to its strong and durable qualities. In addition, its seamless qualities prevent any debris from becoming attached to the interior of the pipe since there are no joints for the waste to be caught on, reducing the chances of clogs forming within the pipes.

Sewer pipe relining is the most versatile repair system on the market. It is more time-efficient, affordable, and effective than anything else. If you are having any problems with your piping system in Oklahoma City or the neighboring cities, call Nu Flow Oklahoma for the answers and solutions you need. Call today to let one of our licensed professionals take care of all of your piping needs. We value your time and money, and because of this, we work hard to keep our work fast while being effective and comprehensive so that your daily schedule can go back to normal. At Nu Flow Oklahoma, we provide the best solutions and services, guaranteed.
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