Sewer Pipe Replacement Oklahoma City, OK

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Sewer Pipe Replacement Oklahoma City, OK

Trenchless Sewer Repair2 300x164 Sewer Pipe Replacement Oklahoma City, OKSewer pipes are built to last around 40 years. This process used to be expensive and complicated, took days, and sometimes weeks as the old pipe had to be excavated from the ground. Excavation disturbs the soil in a garden and would often need to extend into the home as workers had to get at a pipe underneath the slab of your home.

In Oklahoma City, people experienced what it is like for an aging sewer pipes system to fail. Around the mid-1980s, the city’s entire 2,200-mile pipe system needed to be replaced. The situation was not easy. According to the EPA, Oklahoma City faced widespread sewer line failures that led to daily sanitary overflow backups into homes and businesses. This resulted in thousands of dollars in property damage, declining resident’s satisfaction, and major sanitary and health concerns. They needed a major sewer pipe replacement plan, with a small-city budget.
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All across America, where many sewer systems were built after World War II, cities have had to develop long-term sewer pipe replacement plans. The old way to construct pipes turned a commodity that we take for granted into a major problem.

In the case of Oklahoma City, they decided to implement a 100-year plan to renew the entire sewer pipe system. The program establishes that the city will renew 1% of the sewer line system every year. The result is that every 100 years the system will be completely overhauled. Oklahoma City allocated $600 million dollars spread over one hundred years for this massive sewer pipe replacement project.
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Sewer Pipe Problems at Your Home and Business

In your case, you do not need a 100-year plan to fix your sewer pipes. What you need is a 100% effective solution. If you are experiencing sewer pipe problems, like backups, gas smells, and slow drainage, you should call NuFlow for an inspection. We might find that all you need is a cleanup. In other cases, especially if your sewer system is too old, a relining might be a better solution for you.

A sewer pipe relining is better than a sewer pipe replacement because a relining does not need a trench to do it. Relining is the process where NuFlow builds a brand new sewer pipe inside your existing pipe.

A sewer pipe relining is also better for you because the process takes hours, not days. Also, you will not have to deal with loud heavy machinery outside your home, and people walking in and out your home. Also, if that was not enough, NuFlow’s sewer pipe replacement service is safe for the environment because by not digging a trench, we do not dig out wasted water and soil with all its harmful gasses to your surroundings.

Sewer Pipe Replacement for Oklahoma City

Having to replace your home’s main sewer line is no one’s idea of a good time. At Nu Flow we want to help you forget about the problem as fast as possible. Our diagnostics team will evaluate the situation and develop the best sewer pipe replacement plan for your needs.

Contact us now to get an estimate. Our prices are lower than traditional pipe replacement solutions, especially when you consider the benefit of not having to deal with the hassle of heavy machinery disturbing your home for days or even weeks.

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