Trenchless Pipe Lining in Moore, OK

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Trenchless Pipe Lining in Moore, OK

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If you’re having problems with your plumbing, consider trenchless pipe lining. Here at NuFlow, we offer it at great prices and provide the service with expert knowledge of installation, maintenance, and any repairs necessary. Look no further than the capable team here at NuFlow for your trenchless pipe lining installation.

Why Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining is primarily used in situations of frequent or recurring clogs or debris traps. With problems like these, your pipes can quickly corrode or otherwise become damaged. Pipe lining removes this issue and provides a slick surface for waste to travel over.

Pipe lining was brought about in the wave of invention of trenchless technologies. About fifteen years ago, trenchless technologies were invented and today, we use them most frequently due to the ease and convenience of the procedures used in trenchless repairs or replacements.

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So what exactly is trenchless pipe lining? Well, the process begins with cleaning your pipes and inspecting them with an HD camera to know where damages are. Cleaning the pipe removes clogs or debris, and inspecting it tells us where we need to line up the pipe epoxy. Then, we insert an inflatable epoxy tube into your pipe and inflate it, and allow the epoxy to harden. Once the epoxy hardens, it coats the inside of your pipe completely and seals off any leaks or breakages due to corrosion or debris buildup.

Some causes of clogging may include fat, regular waste debris, hair, grease, or clogs like small tree roots and limbs. With the corroded pipe covered and repaired, the clogs can’t become attached on anything and simply wash away with regular debris! This epoxy can last up to fifty years. As a homeowner, fifty years is a long time.

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Why Trenchless?

Trenchless repairs, such as the pipe lining offered here at NuFlow, are primarily used for the convenience of customer and plumber. With trenchless, we don’t have to destroy residential property like yours or city property like paved roads or sidewalks. With some repairs done traditionally, excavation itself can take up to four weeks. Add onto that the actual process of repair, and you can be looking at two months of ruined property.

With trenchless repairs, you don’t have to worry about the additional costs of repairing that property. You don’t have to fix your driveway or lawn. With trenchless, you don’t have to be concerned about paying off the city for rerouting traffic or the use of heavy machinery licenses.

Trenchless solutions save time, money, and energy on all parts. Plumbers don’t waste time and can diagnose and solve a problem much more quickly using these technologies.

Why NuFlow?

So you’re sold on pipe lining and using trenchless technologies. But why use NuFlow trenchless pipe lining? For one, we were founded in 1998 and have been on board for trenchless technologies since they first were invented and used fifteen years ago. Furthermore, we have all the machinery necessary, on hand, for any repairs or replacements necessary. Most jobs only take two hours, which means in two hours, you have running water draining easily and quickly, as it should. We’re experienced and always take our customers seriously, willing to work together for the best solution possible.

So don’t hesitate- call us for your trenchless pipe lining today!

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