Trenchless Pipe Lining Oklahoma City, OK

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Trenchless Pipe Lining Oklahoma City, OK

Trenchless Pipe Lining 300x136 Trenchless Pipe Lining Oklahoma City, OKThe majestic trees, the flowers in bloom and the Oklahoma City skyline is a thing to behold. However, below ground, the very same trees could be breaking into your pipes and causing significant damage. Root intrusion is one of the leading causes of sewer backups and blockages in the state of Oklahoma. When faced with such a problem in your residential or commercial property, then it would be best to hire a Trenchless Pipe Lining service in Oklahoma City, OK.

The Pipe Problem and the No-Dig Solution

Many plumbers may say that traditional pipe repairs are the better choice because of the low price entry, but you may have to pay more when it comes to the long-term state of your sewer system. The same plumbers will not probably mention the costs it would take to dig up trenches to locate the problem pipe. Today’s plumbing technology is here, and it does not involve any digging whatsoever. Trenchless pipe lining has proven to be so beneficial for homeowners that it trumps out traditional sewer line repairs by all aspects.
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The soil in Oklahoma City can be unstable. It can shift and cause breaks in brittle clay tile pipes, causing leaks and other pipe damages. Digging them up will require the use of heavy digging equipment and machinery. Your house will resemble a construction site before the repair is completed.

If there’s really no need to dig up your yard to fix your sewer pipes, why would you go through the trouble?

Trenchless pipe repair via pipe lining has proven to pay for itself many times over the years. It is one of the best investments you can make for your home. The process begins when a high-resolution camera is inserted through your sewer line system to get real-time images sent via a laptop computer. Other important data we get from the inspection is the pipe length and diameter. Our technicians prepare the correct liner length and coat it with a special epoxy resin. The epoxy-coated liner is fed through a small hole called an access point which leads to the problem pipe. Once in place, the liner is cured and it assumes the shape of the old pipe. It is the best solution for when homeowners need a single line repair because it is quick and easy.
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Our company offers trenchless pipe lining for all residential and commercial projects:

  • Broken pipes and emergency sewer line repairs
  • Vertical stack lining
  • Inspection and repair of broken golf course drain line
  • Epoxy rehabilitation for broken or leaking pipes
  • Pipe liningĀ for storm drains
  • Inspection and repair of drain pipelines
  • Mainline repair via trenchless method on private sectors and municipalities

Our professional technicians can complete pipe lining repairs in just one afternoon. After the pipes are turned on, you will have a new-like foundation of pipes that are made of excellent material. It has been proven to last for 50 years and more. Plus, the new pipe is seamless and impervious to future leaks, corrosion and pipe failure. You get better flow and sewer efficiency. All our work comes with 100% guarantee.

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