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Vent Stack Lining in Oklahoma City, OK

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Vent stack lining is a trenchless repair technique that allows our team at Nu Flow Oklahoma to repair damaged vent stacks at a quick rate and affordable price. Our trained technicians use cutting-edge pipe lining technology to fix the vent stacks without causing property damage, saving our customers time and money.

The vent stacks work in conjunction with the sewer system in order to effectively remove waste and gases properly. The vent stacks exhaust sewer gases from the pipeline network, allowing air to circulate through the system and ensure that the wastewater flows freely. If the vent stacks break or are suffering from a clog, this could have negative effects on the system, including:
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  • A fixture with a vent problem might drain slowly
  • The drain will likely make gurgling noises
  • The water in the trap could siphon out, resulting in a powerful sewer smell that also poses a serious health risk

The Steps of Vent Stack Lining

If your vent stacks have, our team at Nu Flow Oklahoma will move forward with important steps and methods in order to repair them properly.


  1. Using a specialized video camera, our experts will conduct a full inspection of the pipes to determine the location and nature of any flaws. We share this report with you to help you understand the source of the problem and the best method for fixing it.
  2. Next, we will clean out the pipe using a process called hydro jetting. This step removes any debris and makes sure the pipe is free of obstructions and ready for lining.
  3. Finally, our technicians will insert a liner into the pipe that is coated with an epoxy resin. As it dries, this resin bonds to the interior walls of the original pipe, eliminating any leaks or cracks in the process. The resin is made of such high-quality materials that when it fully dries, it results in a brand-new pipe within a pipe that is extremely durable and resistant to future damage. Pipes created using the trenchless method last decades without needing repairs, and this includes vent stacks.

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The Benefits

Trenchless repairs are highly effective and create far less inconvenience to customers than traditionally destructive processes. Our approach to fixing damaged vent stacks allows us to maintain the integrity of your property by renewing the pipes from the inside out, so there is no need to destroy landscaping or tear out floors and walls to access the pipes. Vent stack lining requires a smaller labor crew than a traditional repair project. The technique is so advanced that we can complete most repairs with a 24-hour turnaround time, saving our customers money by reducing the repair time and eliminating the need to restore their property.

Because it requires less equipment and fuel to complete a trenchless repair project, this method has a smaller carbon footprint than old-fashioned repair processes, making it eco-friendly and safe for our customers.


Nu Flow Oklahoma is the leading pipe restoration company in Oklahoma City. Our licensed experts are trained to employ the latest techniques and technologies for restoring pipelines without creating any property damage. If you are experiencing problems with your vent stacks, or any other part of your sewer system, give us a call today.

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