How Long Would it Take to Have a Major Sewer Breakdown Repaired?

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When your sewer first breaks down, panic starts to set in. Getting a repair team out quickly is your top priority. After the shock wears off, and an expensive repair crew has been tearing up your lawn for days, it can begin to feel like life will never go back to normal. Ask anyone who has had to go without water, sewage, or electricity for any length of time, and they will tell you how quickly it can become difficult to function at a basic level.

You Need Great Plumbing

We all know that quality and dependable plumbing is essential for a well-functioning household. We know better than to ask for a rush job, because the last thing we want is to call the plumbers again in a week or month with the same or a worse problem. So, what is a realistic amount of time for a quality repair when your sewer has experienced a major breakdown?

If you call local plumber that uses modern plumbing techniques, a quality sewer repair can be completed in 1-2 days. You know you’ve reached a modern plumber when they offer you trenchless plumbing repair options. The biggest drain on time during plumbing repair is trench digging. In order to repair heavily damaged pipes, plumbers would need to expose them.

This could require digging trenches 100 ft or longer on your property and even into public roads. The actual repair then requires removing old pipes and replacing them with new ones. Finally, you will have to have all of these trenches refilled and repair any damage to your lawn or other property.

How Long Can a Sewer Repair Take?

It can be painful to wait through all of this extra costly work before your pipes can actually be repaired. This is why trenchless plumbing repair was such a valuable innovation for plumbers. By digging one or two access holes, plumbers have all that they need in order to reach your entire system and perform quality repairs. Trenchless sewer repair also allows you to preserve your original pipes. Instead of replacing them, plumbing technicians can reinforce them.

In order to repair your sewage system after a major breakdown, plumbing technicians will start by cleaning your pipes to clear them of debris and corrosion. Then, they can use video cameras to complete a full inspection from above ground. When the damage is pinpointed and assessed, they can then insert an inflatable tool coated in epoxy resin. As it inflates, the epoxy resin covers the surface of your entire pipe system with a thin layer.

This seals any cracks or breaks, prevents intrusions, and stops corrosion. Within a day the pipe will cure in place and harden. Your pipes are now a combination of the exoskeleton of your original pipes and the smooth internal epoxy pipes. Both layers work together to keep your pipes strong and prevent any further damage.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Major sewer repairs are expensive and inconvenient, but we do have the ability to achieve much more efficient repairs than were previously possible. If you need to schedule a major sewer repair, you will only need to plan for about two days without service. Call a local plumber like NuFlow Oklahoma to get estimates and repair information for your home.

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