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What is CIPP lining?

Cured-in-place pipe lining, or CIPP, is an innovative repair method that uses an epoxy resin to restore the pipe by building a replacement pipe inside of the old one. The epoxy is formed into a pipe using an insertable sleeve that expands and hold the epoxy in place until it cures and hardens, sealing cracks, closing holes, and strengthening weakened sections of pipe.

How much does CIPP lining cost?

The rate for cured-in-place pipe lining varies depending on the length of the pipe to be restored, the diameter of the pipe, and other factors that contribute to the overall project cost. We’re happy to evaluate your unique situation and provide a customized quote that considers all the circumstances involved in your repair.

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Will my homeowner’s insurance pay for CIPP lining?

Maybe. If your pipe was damaged by an unavoidable event, like a natural disaster, fire, or other unexpected situation, your insurance may very well cover the cost. However, if the repairs are due to age or neglect, you may be responsible for the cost yourself. Contact your insurance provider to learn exactly what your policy covers.

How does trenchless pipe lining save me money?

Trenchless pipe lining cuts out thousands of dollars in property damage that a traditional dig-and-replace repair creates as soil, trees, driveways, sidewalks and landscaping are removed. This collateral damage can dramatically increase the cost of a sewer repair, often doubling the cost or even more. Trenchless repairs preserve property features and eliminate the costs associated with replacing them, reducing the overall cost of the project by as much as 50%.

How long does pipe lining take to complete?

A typical household repair takes between 1 and 3 days to complete, depending on the size of the pipe to be repaired, its location, and other factors. We’ll provide an estimate of the time needed to complete your service before we begin work.

What kinds of pipes can be restored with CIPP lining?

NuFlow pipe lining is effective on a wide variety of sewer pipe materials. We can restore clay, concrete, metal, steel, PVC, and fiberglass sewer lines.

What size of pipes can be restored with CIPP lining?

Pipe lining is suitable for nearly any household pipe. We can restore pipes from 1.5 inches to 12 inches.

My pipes are very old and in bad shape. Can CIPP lining save them?

As long as your pipe still hasn’t completely collapsed and still retains at least 20% of its surface area, CIPP lining is still an option. NuFlow of Oklahoma near Edmond, OK and Oklahoma City is the area expert in pipe restoration, and we have countless success stories in difficult sewer repair projects. We can save pipes that other providers can’t, but if your sewer is truly beyond repair, you can count on our honest recommendation for the best treatment option for you.

How long does CIPP lining last?

CIPP lining resists rust and corrosion that break down metal pipes, causing them to fail. It also repels tree root fractures and withstands extreme temperatures, earthquake stress, and storm damage. NuFlow CIPP lining’s durability allows it to last at least 50 years or more.

Will the CIPP lining leak?

No. NuFlow’s CIPP lining is seamless, so there are no cracks or seams for water to escape. The pipe will remain leak-free for decades.

What if my pipe has connections? Can it still be relined?

Yes! We have a remote cutting system that reopens connections after the lining is complete. We’ll map the connections prior to relining and then cut them after the new liner has cured so your service will be fully restored.

A portion of my sewer line is buried beneath a concrete slab. Can it be restored?

Slabs are no problem for NuFlow of Oklahoma. We can access the pipe with just small holes in the soil at the ends, then insert the repair materials from the end of the pipe to restore it underground. There is no need to break up the concrete at all, which will facilitate the repair process and save you money.

Can copper water pipes be re-lined?

Most copper water pipes are too narrow for CIPP lining, but they are excellent candidates for the NuFlow pressurized epoxy coating. We can quickly and easily coat your water line to seal the leak and restore your water pressure.

How does hydro jetting work?

Hydro jetting uses a special water nozzle that sprays in powerful jets that face in every direction. The force of the water breaks up clogs, buildup, and waste to clean the pipes and restore sewer service.

I’ve been told I have a severe tree root problem. Can NuFlow of Oklahoma help me?

Of course! Our expert technicians are skilled at clearing away tree roots and repairing damaged areas of pipe to restore your sewer flow. We know how to get rid of the roots and we have solutions that will help keep them from coming back to keep your drains working normally longer.

I’ve heard of drain cleaning, but I don’t know if it’s right for me. What are the benefits?

Routine annual drain cleaning is the easy way to add years to the life expectancy of your sewer system and save money. We clean away corrosive buildup and damaging tree roots that eat into the drain and cause failure, so the pipes last longer. Over the years, drain cleaning can save you thousands of dollars in sewer repair costs.

How knowledgeable are NuFlow of Oklahoma’s technicians?

All NuFlow technicians are licensed plumbers with years of experience serving our customers in Oklahoma. We specialize in the NuFlow CIPP and pressurized epoxy coating pipe restoration systems and are the leading local experts in cutting-edge pipe lining technology. We regularly research new technologies and implement the latest advancements in pipe restoration techniques to bring these powerful new solutions to each of our customers.

I have a plumbing emergency. Should I call NuFlow of Oklahoma?

Yes! At NuFlow of Oklahoma, our customers are our number one priority. If you’re having a major problem and need immediate help, you can count on our expert technicians for fast results and great customer service. Pick up the phone and call right away!

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