Orangeburg Pipe: What is It, and How Does it Impact My Home’s Pipes?

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Have you heard of the Orangeburg pipe? Coined after the town Orangeburg in New York, these pipes were popular from the 1860s to the 1970s until they were eventually replaced with the PVC pipe. The Orangeburg pipe was made of layers of fibers from pitch and wood pulp, and while they were intended to last for decades, it was discovered that they were unable to handle excessive pressure effectively. Because these pipe materials failed to perform as expected, they were decommissioned from continued installations. Now uncommon in today’s contemporary homes or buildings, older homes and offices may be affected by these pipeline materials if they haven’t been replaced.

Why should this concern you? Well, it is possible that these pipes had been installed in your area decades ago and may now be completely deteriorated and need of immediate replacement. If you live in Oklahoma and aren’t sure if your home or property has Orangeburg pipes installed, call the experts at Nu Flow Oklahoma and let our team do a thorough inspection for you. Our trained technicians can perform an accurate assessment through our sewer camera technology, which will not cause any mess or destruction on your property.

Orangeburg pipes have mostly collapsed wherever they were installed and those that haven’t have the potential to do so soon. You don’t want to deal with the damage your yard will face or the costs that go towards expensive repairs. Our experienced and reliable technicians at Nu Flow Oklahoma can repair and replace old pipes with new stronger ones through a very simple trenchless pipe lining process. This requires no digging or restoration, and it doesn’t require much time or money to complete either.

If you do have Orangeburg pipes installed in your yard, we suggest you take immediate action and contact us now to get rid of them. Prone to frequent clogs, leaks, and collapse, these pipes are too old and brittle to perform their function. Our experts at Nu Flow Oklahoma can provide you with a much more solid and strong replacement that will leave you completely satisfied.

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