Pipe Lining

Trenchless Pipe Relining Pipe LiningAt Nu Flow, we provide services to our customers to ensure their facilities run smoothly as possible. We offer drain cleaning services, sewer camera inspection, sewer repair, and trenchless sewer repair.

Most of these services are completed using a pipe lining method that has been made popular by the new trenchless technology. This trenchless technology method we offer will fix problems to pipelines from the inside out.

Our team at Nu Flow is experienced, trained, and licensed. Our Nu Flow Technology methods have saved more and more customers time and money. Compared to traditional methods, which require a lot of digging around the property, Nu Flow’s trenchless method does less or no damage to landscapes, thus saving our customers from having to spend for the services of contractors to fix a damaged lawn.

We offer two types of pipe lining services:

PIP (Pull-In-Place) Lining
The process will require our technicians to dig a little opening for the entry point to the pipe and another at the end of the pipe to serve as an exit point. This method does not need a lot of our technicians to do the job. It can be done by 2-3 people, one on either end of the pipes.
Using this method makes the work faster and the costs lesser for our customers. This means they do not need to wait for days before using their drains again.

CIPP (Cured-In-Place-Pipe) Lining
Like the first type of pipe lining mentioned, this can also be done by 2-3 persons from our team. A tube is inserted into the pipe and the process begins with a hydro jet cleaning to ensure there is no debris to obstruct the refining process.
When the cleaning is done, the pipe lining process begins. An epoxy liner is inserted into the pipe. With the help of the sewer camera, our technicians can see whether to fully reline the pipe or just seal some holes or cracks that are visible.
We trust in our methods because it has been the center of research and study for many years until the trenchless technology was born.