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Pipe Lining

Trenchless Pipe Relining Pipe LiningNuFlow Oklahoma proudly offers the patented NuFlow pipe lining system, the world leader in pipe restoration technology. Our advanced water line and sewer repair systems not only restore pipes to working condition but improve their specifications beyond the original capacity. No matter how severe the pipe damage may be, we have an affordable solution for all of our customers in Oklahoma.

What Makes Pipe Lining Technology Reliable & Effective?

NuFlow Oklahoma’s pipe lining technology dramatically extends the length of time that a pipe can be used before replacement. This modern system of water or sewer pipe repair eliminates the need for excavation and restores the interior of the pipe with a specially developed technology that rebuilds the damaged areas using a high-strength resin.
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The new pipe surface is superior to other pipe materials in several ways: it is both rustproof and corrosion-proof, resists damage from heat, storms, drought, and ice, and repels tree roots. Once NuFlow Oklahoma has relined the pipe, our customers won’t have to think about any repair work in the near future due to the extended lifespan our epoxy pipes have.

What Are The Pipe Lining & Epoxy Coating Solutions For Oklahoma Homeowners?

We have customized repair solutions for pipe problems of any severity in any kind of pipe. For small leaks and small-diameter pipes, we offer epoxy coating. This versatile method can be used to safely restore pinhole leaks and leaky joints in potable water lines, such as copper pipe, as well as in larger sewer and drain lines. To apply the coating, our trained technician begins by carefully inspecting the interior of the pipe, followed by cleaning with hydro jetting technology to remove all corrosion and buildup. We heat-dry the pipe to remove all dampness and rough the interior to ensure an effective adherence.

Once the pipe is prepared, a liquid epoxy is sprayed into the pipe with compressed air. During the application, the experienced NuFlow Oklahoma technician calibrates the strength and direction of the spray to ensure full coverage, sealing all leaks and creating a strong new surface on the interior of the pipe. The lining is micro-thin, ensuring excellent water capacity and increasing water pressure.

NuFlow Oklahoma also offers cured-in-place pipe lining, a remarkable sewer restoration method that actually creates a new pipe within a severely damaged one to fully restore its integrity without the need for any excavation. Cured-in-place pipe lining, or CIPP lining, will not only strengthen weakened areas of the pipe but can even replace missing sections.

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To create the CIPP, a soft, flexible tube is coated with a thick layer of epoxy resin and pulled into the pipeline. The tube is positioned over all the damaged areas, and then it is inflated with air or water, forming a perfectly round pipe against the interior. Over the next several hours, the epoxy cures until it hardens into a new pipe. The CIPP liner that is installed is a smooth, low-friction surface that encourages better wastewater flow.

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At NuFlow Oklahoma, our powerful trenchless pipe lining technology helps our customers avoid costly, disruptive pipe replacement by restoring water and sewer lines from the inside out. We save our customers thousands of dollars with our fast, long-lasting repair solutions. Call us today for a free consultation!  


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