Sewer Camera Inspection

sewer camera inspection Sewer Camera InspectionSewer camera inspection is a relatively new service that sophisticated plumbing contractors, like Nu Flow Technologies, offer residential, commercial, and industrial customers in order to discover the need for potential repairs before they turn into an emergency situation. The bottom line is that it is a preventative property maintenance procedure that can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in future sewer repairs. If you currently own a home, place of business, or investment property, or are in the process of purchasing real estate than a sewer camera inspection is a must.

Most prospective buyers are more than willing to pay for a building inspection in order to discover any potential issues prior to making the actual purchase. However, these types of inspections do not include the sewer system or sewer pipeline. Since sewer related breakdowns are at the top of the list as the most expensive, time-consuming, destructive, and stressful property repairs it is incredibly imperative that you are fully aware of exactly what you are getting into. If the sewer camera inspection proves that there is a major issue with the sewer pipeline it could cost well over $25,000 to fix it.

This can certainly be a deal breaker, or in the minimum a re-negotiation of the purchase price. It is also a smart idea to have a yearly sewer camera inspection performed at the property you own. That way any small issues can be discovered and tracked long before they turn into that $25,000 plus situation as mentioned above. The process is as easy as one, two, three. A plumbing technician will arrive at the property at the designated day and time. He or she will insert a flexible rod with a high-definition video camera attached to the end into the sewer system through a drain cleanout or other easily accessible area.

As the video camera works its way through the pipes it is broadcasting images back to the technician in real time. These images are viewable on a laptop computer, handheld tablet, or even a smartphone. The video footage is so crystal clear that even the smallest imperfections within the sewer pipeline are detectable. If the inspection results in a clean bill of health you are provided with peace of mind. However, if it results in an issue than it can either be repaired long before turning into a major sewer system breakdown, or tracked with future sewer camera inspections.

If you are currently experiencing any problems with the sewer system or would like to schedule a routine check-up then please contact Nu Flow Technologies today. We specialize in sewer camera inspection services and have been an industry leader since our company was founded back in 1998. Nu Flow only incorporates the use of the best tools, equipment, and technology in the business. Our team of trusted technicians is not only highly experienced they are trained in all aspects of your sewer system. When you work with Nu Flow Technologies you are guaranteed to get the best service at an affordable price point.