Sewer Repair Work Requires Careful Consideration

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Trenchless Sewer Repair NuFlow Oklahoma

Sewer repair is no longer the inconvenient and prolonged process that it used to be. Advancements in technology allow us to quickly fix sewer lines and provide long-lasting solutions. At Nu Flow Oklahoma, we don’t sacrifice caution for speed. We make sure our methods are thoughtful and keep the interests of our customers intact while ensuring that the repairs are easy and quick.

Why Nu Flow’s Sewer Repair Method is Effective

In the past, if a sewer line was damaged, trenches needed to be dug in homeowner’s yards or driveways in order to access the pipe and fix it accordingly. This process was time consuming and invasive, costing thousands of dollars, greatly inconveniencing the homeowners, and creating massive property damage after the repairs were completed.

Fortunately, sewer repair processes no longer follow these conventions. With Nu Flow Oklahoma, we practice new trenchless sewer repair processes, bypassing the huge trenches and inconvenience in favor of a better, faster solution. This new and innovative method has made repair work much more efficient, allowing us to use our time more wisely and ensure that the repair is effective. Depending on the situation, our repairs can sometimes be conducted without turning off your water services, and we guarantee that wen can complete the entire repair within a single day. The amount of digging is significantly reduced, requiring us to only dig a small hole to access the pipeline in question. Through this access point, a tube is inserted and applies a wet epoxy liner onto to the walls of the pipe. After a few hours, the epoxy resin hardens and forms a strong pipe within the old one. This not only seals off damage from the existing pipeline, but it also prevents further damage from accruing for at least 50 years, resulting in a durable pipe that resists corrosion and other common problems.

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At Nu Flow Oklahoma, we are fast and thorough in our work to repair sewer damage and ensure that your pipes function smoothly for many years. For more information, call us or send an email and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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