The Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaners

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Clogged drains are a common annoyance for many homeowners. And while you might be tempted to use a drain cleaner to tackle the problem yourself, it’s better to hire a professional to perform drain cleaning in Tulsa, OK instead. Nu Flow Oklahomas discusses the different dangers associated with using chemical drain cleaners.

They Can Damage Your Pipes

Cleaners that consist of harsh chemicals can damage your pipes in the long run. While they can get rid of the clog, when you use them, you run a high risk of corrosion occurring. You can even end up with holes in your pipes, which leads to leaks and water damage. Rather than risk your plumbing system, get professional drain cleaning services in Tulsa OK instead. 

They Aren’t Environmentally Friendly

Chemical drain cleaners are terrible for the environment. Using them in your drains means the chemicals seep into the groundwater and soil, which can then harm plants and animals and eventually, people. Drain snaking in Tulsa, OK is a gentle yet effective way of getting rid of clogs without any damage to the environment.

They’re Pricey

Drain cleaners are expensive products that promise quick results. However, they are often a waste of money due to the harsh chemical contents. You pay a pretty penny to buy them and end up having larger problems than you started with, which causes an even bigger headache. If you have a clogged drain in Tulsa, OK, we recommend leaving it to the professionals.

They Can Endanger Your Home

You and your family members can suffer from chemical drain cleaners. If you are in close proximity with the product, you can inhale the chemicals. Touching them can also lead to skin burns and rashes. This is a risk even if you use a mask, gloves or safety goggles.

If you need a reputable drain cleaning company in Tulsa, OK to work on a clogged drain, contact Nu Flow Oklahoma at your earliest convenience.

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