Why Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Is The Best For Your Yard

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Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair NuFlow Oklahoma

Did you know that you can actually repair your sewer without necessarily digging your yard? You don’t have to uproot your vegetation to pave way for a sewer repair. Introducing the trenchless sewer repair technology that repairs your broken sewer lines without destroying your landscape. And that’s not all, you get to save a substantial amount of money and restore the outstanding look of your entire home. To understand how trenchless technology can repair your sewer without destroying your yard, you also need to understand what this technology is all about. Here is a look.

This technology has given homeowners an alternative to sewer repair commonly referred to as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP). What makes this method harmless to your yard is because a pipe is constructed “inside the current passage” with certain epoxy resins to create new pipes that are structurally strong just like the original one. There will be no damage to your hardscape, landscaping or floors.

The fact that this method has been in existence for over 25 years and its popularity growing everyday worldwide proves that most home owners are enjoying great benefits of this new technology.

There are two fundamental types of applications that make this method conducive to your yard. These are “pull-in-place” (PIP) process and the “inversion” process. Invisible Excavation specializes, in both. One great benefit that makes this approach better than inversion is because Invisible Excavation doesn’t have to line entire distance of the pipe from a point of entry to a point where repair is needed. This means that there will be a significant bottom live savings and flexibility.

Inversion is the other most common method of CIP lining. This method is less innovative where the liner itself rolls out from a point of entry as it is permeated with water, steam or air. Once it has been cured-in-place, what you get is a trimmer pipe good enough to allow easy flow. One thing about all these methods is that only two small holes will be dug.

If you are still wondering how trenchless technology can repair your sewer without destroying your yard, you need to understand three steps of trenchless process that make this method less destructive. The first step plumbers take is to evaluate problems with sewer cameras. This means that to detect damages, your yard doesn’t have to be dug.

The lines are then cleaned through small holes dug and the liner is pulled into place. This process doesn’t take much time and the end result is the creation of a seamless ‘pipe within a pipe.’

With that in mind, you shouldn’t have second thoughts on whether to choose trenchless technology or not. The pipe formed by this method is better and as durable as a new one. Roots cannot get through physically. Since deposits will not adhere to the inner parts of the new epoxy pip, it means that no calcification will occur. This method is different from the traditional techniques and better since everything is done above the ground to free your hardscape, landscape and floors from damage.

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