Trenchless Sewer Repair

TrenchlessSewerRepair Trenchless Sewer RepairIn the old days, meaning fifteen to twenty years ago, there was only one way that plumbing contractors could fix the sewer system at your residential, commercial, or industrial property. It requires the excavation of a large, long, and deep trench along the entire length of the sewer pipeline. The traditional excavation sewer repair method has been around for years. Although many plumbing contractors still use it, the process is outdated and unnecessary, to say the least.

In this day and age progressive plumbing contractors, like Nu Flow Technologies, rely on technologically advanced equipment, superior materials, and cutting-edge processes as opposed to excavation equipment. The question that remains is why do some plumbing companies continue to employ the use of outdated methods that cost a lot more money, takes significantly longer to complete, and leaves the grounds looking as if they are in a war zone? The answer is a simple one. As a whole, the plumbing industry is super slow to adopt new technology.

Far too many of these plumbers are afraid to make the change. They have been doing things the same exact way for so long that it becomes extremely uncomfortable to even consider incorporating new and improved methods. There are other plumbing companies that are forward-thinking enough to realize that the change is good for their customers, however, they lack the funds needed to purchase the new equipment and train their employees. In either case, the customer should not suffer the consequences.

Trenchless sewer repair offers property owners a way to have the sewer pipes repaired without the need to excavate a large and destructive trench through the landscaping and hardscaping. The Nu Drain trenchless sewer pipe lining system, by Nu Flow Technologies, takes it one step further. Only a small access point is required at one end of the sewer pipeline. A high-tech machine incorporates the use of the small access point to install a tube into the sewer pipes. The tube is covered with a felt liner that is saturated with a wet epoxy resin. It also contains an air bladder.

Once the tube is inflated the wet epoxy resin completely covers all interior surface areas of the existing sewer pipeline. The tube is then deflated and removed from the sewer pipes allowing for the epoxy resin to cure in place. It takes a few hours for the epoxy resin to completely harden, and once it does an impenetrable pipe liner or pipe within a pipe is formed. The new liner seals off any cracks, breaks, or holes in the existing sewer pipes and prevents any further damage from happening. The entire Nu Drain process takes on the day to complete from start to finish and is half the cost of the traditional excavation method.

Nu Flow Technologies is a worldwide leader in the trenchless sewer repair industry and is extremely proud to serve the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma market. Our time-tested methods and procedures are designed to provide our customers with the most efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving solutions in order to get your property back up and running smoothly. We are here to help you whenever you need us.