What is Vent Stack Lining and How Does it Help Apartment Residents in Anderson, Oklahoma?

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The vent stack in a residential building is an imperative part of the drainage system, and when it breaks down, the results can be disastrous. Without the vent stack maintaining the atmospheric pressure in the pipes, residents can experience leaking sewage and rainwater in their apartments and outside of the building, resulting in stagnant pooling water and hazardous conditions. If you own or reside in a residential building, proper maintenance to the vent stack can mean the difference between water damage and unhealthy conditions and enjoying a dry, clean environment.

NuFlow Oklahoma offers an innovative way to ensure that the vent stack in your building stays in excellent shape. We can help you avoid a pricey bill for property damage from a faulty stack. The best part is, as a non-invasive repair method, vent stack lining is a contemporary way to replace existing stacks without the hassle of digging up flooring, breaking through infrastructure, or disturbing landscaping. You’ll save money on property remediation costs and labor, thanks to this simple, modern repair method.

During vent stack lining, one of our licensed technicians will insert a high-definition camera into the stack to examine the conditions inside through an existing access point. This access point will be used to perform the entire process, eliminating the need for excessive damage to the building. If necessary, the stack will be flushed or cleaned to remove debris. A fiberglass liner is then inserted with a winch cable through the vent pipes. The end is secured with nylon straps and the liner is inflated and cured with UV light until it hardens. After the liner has hardened into place, the installation equipment is removed. The new vent stack will be up and running and ready to service the building.

When it’s time to inspect or repair your vent stack, you can trust NuFlow Oklahoma. As specialists in non-invasive pipe lining services, we have the experience, expertise, and equipment to perform lasting vent stack repairs at your property.

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