What We Look for During a Sewer Camera Inspection

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sewer camera inspection services in Oklahoma City, OK

Having problems with your plumbing system can be a terrible nuisance. Whether it’s a clogged pipe, a leak or even a damaged pipe due to tree roots, Nu Flow Oklahoma can inspect your pipes with our high-definition camera and pinpoint the problem. Here are the things we look for when we perform sewer camera inspection services in Oklahoma City, OK.


A leaking pipe is a common problem that we find when we go in to inspect your pipes. Our pipe camera inspection in Oklahoma City, OK lets us capture high-quality video in dark areas that are deep inside your sewer pipe. This means we can see even the small cracks that may have formed and that are now causing leaks and provide you with the necessary sewer repair services.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can do tremendous damage to your pipes, and this kind of damage is impossible to see at ground level. With our sewer video inspection in Oklahoma City, OK, we can use video cameras to show you just where the roots have penetrated your pipes. In order to figure out how to fix the tree root issue, we have to know where the tree roots have pierced your pipes and how much damage has occurred.


Corrosion and rust on your pipes can be hard to see using just the naked eye. Our high-quality video can capture these rusted areas in detail. Once we see where the corrosion is happening, we can recommend replacement or repair options.


Clogged drains are another common plumbing issue. While a plunger or a continuous stream of hot water running down your drain may work, it won’t get rid of the clog entirely. If the clog is further down inside your pipes, you’ll need a drain inspection in Oklahoma City, OK. And that’s where our waterproof, high-definition camera can help. We can insert it in your pipes and figure out just what’s blocking your pipe and where the clog is.

When in need of a reliable plumbing inspection in Oklahoma City, OK? Get in touch with Nu Flow Oklahoma. We can troubleshoot your pipe problem with our sewer camera inspection services and help you fix the issues.

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