Why You Should Avoid DIY Drain Cleaning

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For homeowners, fewer things are more frustrating than a clogged drain. When this happens, it can create problems with your plumbing, including overflows and slow water flow. Rather than tackling the problem yourself, it’s better to get drain cleaning in Oklahoma City, OK with a professional plumber from Nu Flow Oklahoma. Here’s why we don’t recommend DIY drain cleaning:

It’s Ineffective

DIY drain cleaning methods are often ineffective at fixing the problem. When you use boiling water or drain cleaners consisting of harmful chemicals to get rid of the blockage, you might loosen a bit of the clog, but you can also end up pushing it further down. This doesn’t solve the problem the way drain cleaning services in Oklahoma City, OK can do.

It’s Bad for Your Pipes

You can damage your plumbing or septic system when you DIY a clogged drain. Chemicals in drain cleaners are often harsh, which can cause irreparable damage to your pipes. They can also affect the bacteria that breaks down waste in the system. It’s better to turn to a professional for a clogged drain in Oklahoma City, OK.

It’s Dangerous

Cleaning a clogged drain yourself can be dangerous. Since you won’t have the tools that professionals use, you might resort to using risky alternatives like sticking your hand down the drain or using a sharp object to get rid of the clog. If you have an issue with your kitchen sink and have a garbage disposal, this poses an even greater danger. Avoid going the DIY route and contact a professional to perform hydro jetting or drain snaking in Oklahoma City, OK instead.

It A Waste of Time and Money

DIY drain cleaning often ends up as a waste of time and money. Unless you’re a professional, you won’t be able to do a thorough job and the situation can end up even worse than it was originally. It’s better to have a plumber come to take care of the clog for you.

If you live in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area and need a plumber to work on your clogged drain, contact Nu Flow Oklahoma, the best drain cleaning company in Oklahoma City, OK, at your earliest convenience.

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